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Tax and business consulting

Good business advice does not cost much. And it means a lot.

We believe in business consulting without any disclaimer.

Our tax advice is focused on considering the overall business situation and the legal framework, and our goal is to provide advice that has practical value for our clients.

Tax procedures

During tax audits of our clients, we are trying to resolve possible objections from the tax authorities at the earliest stage of the procedure.

We participate in tax audits based on power of attorney. We are monitoring our clients through the whole process, from filing objection to minutes of inspection and submitting appeals to resolution and the preparation of possible lawsuits.

Tax reviews and due diligence

Tax reviews and due diligence identify tax risks and irregularities. It is possible to conduct a review per type of tax and for defined periods, which is often demanded by a potential buyer of a company or upon a change in the management or accounting of the company.

Transfer pricing documents

According to current regulations, it is necessary to have relevant documentation regarding transfer prices, not only when it comes to relations between related persons, residents and non-residents, but also domestic related persons in certain cases. Our experience in this area was built by preparing documentation on transfer pricing in different branches, and in the process of preparing, among other things, we use the data of the program interface "Amadeus".

Tax optimisation

As part of tax optimisation, we consider the entire business of the Company and legal frameworks, and then determine the potential for tax optimisation of operations that can result in significant savings. In the second step we define the necessary changes in order to realize the mentioned savings.

Consulting related to Croatian Financial Reporting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards (HSFI and IFRS)

Our professional consultants have the competencies to provide this type of advice thanks to international education such as ACCA ( and long-standing auditing and consulting experience, as well as continuous education.