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The story of us is a story about them.

We have gathered a team of people who believe that people, stable finances, small and medium-sized businesses are the foundation of a more successful and happier society. That is why we will be more than happy to help you.


Finance can change the world.

We have gathered people who believe in human approach to finance.

We will not lie to you, we believe we have gathered the best possible people for this job. People come to work every day with the same goal: to make a positive contribution to the people and the world around them by means of finance and knowledge.

We have gathered more than twenty people who share our values, views and ideas, experts from the field of accounting, tax consulting and auditing, at the place where they can achieve their professional goals, but always having enough time for themselves and their interests.

And not just that. TP Prime is a place that, through work, education and mentoring, can offer young people excellent conditions for creating a quality life in Croatia.

Our employees

By investing in our employees, we are forming a community of experts. These are just some of them.

Edo Tuk

Edo is the managing partner of TP Prime Group. He is a certified tax consultant with 20 years of professional experience who has worked in several international consulting companies.

Davorka Briški

Davorka is partner in the audit department. She is a Croatian certified auditor, a Croatian certified internal auditor and an ACCA qualified expert. 

Nika Miloloža

Nika is a senior manager in the tax consulting department. She has been engaged in tax consulting for ten years.

Majda Bećirović

Majda is a manager in the accounting department. She has been in TP Prime Group since its establishment.