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Life in numbers.

We believe that through expert, serious and open approach to finance and clients, we can have a positive impact on the society we live in.


An audit that helps you build your business.

To be able to understand your finances, we must first understand you.

Our auditing services are fully customized to our clients and based on many years of knowledge and experience. Quality-based audits are the product of work of our professional employees who understand the industry in which the client operates.

That's why we offer smart, honest, and committed auditing services that help our clients, as well as other stakeholders – management, shareholders, customers and bankers – to all who need trust in the quality of their clients’ financial statements.

We approach the audit professionally and transparently, always with a certain vision and a tailor-made risk approach that emphasizes timely communication and coordination of activities, all with the aim of improving the client's business, now and in the future.

Auditing services

We provide independent audit of financial statements, limited review services, special-purpose audits and regulatory auditing services. Our services are in compliance with leading auditing practices and international standards.

Financial due diligence

We provide financial analysis services to investors in order to identify possible risks and determine the value of certain companies that are the subject of potential investments.

Fraud forensic services

The implementation of fraud forensic techniques is not limited to ledgers, but also to interviews and business processes in which fraud may have occurred. Our consultants have significant experience in such projects.