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Details. Details. Details.

Accounting is a combination of knowledge, dedication, discipline and many details. But no worries, we enjoy our work, even when it means that we have to check the same figures three times.

Accounting & Reporting

Accounting that you can count on.

We offer you responsible accounting and smart leadership.


Our services are aimed at clients who have high expectations from their accounting. Clients who do not just want bookkeeping services, although they count that they have been provided professionally and efficiently, but want guidance, consulting and help in making key decisions for the future of the company.

Creating financial statements

We can offer this service to the clients who want additional security – that the financial statements for which they have to take the responsibility have been drafted properly. Creating a financial statement requires greater skills than managing everyday accounting not only because of the wide range of knowledge and experience, but also due to the frequent changes in the legislative framework.


In order to keep track of business and results, we are able to periodically create reports for our clients. Most frequently, reports are created monthly. Reporting can include simple reports that include the preparation of the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts, as well as individualized reports upon the client's request. Given the various activities and purposes for which the reporting is used, different information may be of importance. In this way, the client can react promptly and make decisions.

Controlling services

Controlling service is focused on generating guidance to management for the purpose of decision-making process that must be based on arguments. The arguments are not and should not be based solely on historical data recorded in ledgers, but also on indicators focused on the future as well as on comparison with competition and industry.

Accounting reviews

Users of this service are the clients who want additional security – that ledgers are to be kept in accordance with laws and regulations. Often, this service is combined with tax review services provided by tax advisers.

Development of plans and budgets

Goals that are not clearly defined can be difficult to achieve. Therefore, in the framework of strategic planning, we also develop plans and budgets aimed at achieving strategic objectives at the level of the entire organization.

Calculation and consulting on salaries and all other types of income

Salaries are often the subject of outsourcing due to their particularities, as well as the need to preserve confidentiality. When providing this service, our clients are provided with added value through directions in accordance with the Labour Code and tax regulations, program records of work, legal reporting by electronic means, preparation of electronic payment orders for payment of salaries.